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Learn about EcoMyc® International Corporation

For decades, EcoMyc International Corporation has collaborated with an international group of distinguished and multidisciplinary scientists. To develop innovative biotechniques for the production of organic Mycorrhizal inoculums. Our techniques and inoculums increase food production, preserve ecosystems, maintain natural resources. As well as, enhance the growth the growth of indigenous species and desert flora. Particularly in arid and semi-arid regions. EcoMyc products have been tested by many high-caliber laboratories in numerous site experiments. The results show that EcoMyc inoculums consistently meet expectations. Our technology is affordable, water saving, and slows desertification. EcoMyc technology makes the application of chemical fertilizers minimal or superfluous.
EcoMyc International Corporation is an industry leader in the production and technology of VA-Mycorrhizae soil amendments. With OMRI certification and strong ties to agricultural administrations, universities and organizations around the globe. You can be sure our products are of the highest standards. Through decades of research and close cooperation with renowned, specialized scientists we have developed quality ensured products that will enhance the growth of your plants. We use a broad spectrum of the most powerful natural mycorrhizae fungi. Which allows for broad applications from farms to gardens and landscapes to nurseries. 
At EcoMyc, we provide high quality products at reasonable prices with the support and information to optimize their use.